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Totally independent from any corporation or business union, Cut price night-sleep website has been conceived by simple users who do not wish to keep paying high rates to sleep a few hours only.

Cut price night-sleep is a website aiming at particulars or accommodation professionals willing to offer one or more bedrooms all over France at a guaranteed maximum price of € 25/night, allowing all categories of travellers (sales agents, students, tourists, be they young or elder…), to benefit from low-price rooms all across the country.

Cut price night-sleep is the place where the offer and the demand meet, at the right price, relating hosts and guests and enabling good bargains all over France.

Particulars and accommodation professionals :

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Bon Encontre
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Dormir-Pas-Cher website is an expert in accommodation solutions at a guaranteed maximum price of € 25.
It provides daily rental of rooms by particulars, guest houses, studio owners, bed and breakfast, discount hotels, inns, etc.
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